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Documents created by leagues, districts or sports entities (external to PMSC) may be updated by that organization without notice – in most cases we have provided direct links to the websites containing these documents rather than providing the documents on our website so that you have the most current information.

The documents listed below are updated on a regular basis, so please check back to this page for document updates.


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PMSC Policies Documents

Final Accounts Payable Collections Policy

Final Accounts Payable Collections Policy

Oct 2021 

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BC Soccer Extreme Heat Guidelines 

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Waiver PMSC Media Waiver Child

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Strategic Plan 2023-2026


Waiver PMSC Communications

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 PMSC Youth Team/Club Transfer Protocol


Policy PMSC Uniform & Club Apparel


PMSC Criminal Record (CRC) Documents

The Port Moody Soccer club is a non-profit organization that could not operate without the efforts of the approximately 250 volunteers who donate their time and expertise in numerous capacities. These people provide a valuable community service to the kids enrolled in our club, for which they should be commended. However, as with any organization that deals with children, it is imperative that the club takes steps to exclude from participation in Port Moody Soccer Club activities, all persons who pose a risk to the safety of our players, or other coaches, administrators and volunteers.


In accordance, the Port Moody Soccer Club has adopted an internal Risk Management Policy which requires every volunteer providing direct supervision of players to submit a Criminal Record Check every 3 years.


Please click below for instructions on how to complete the CRC process.