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The Port Moody Soccer club is a non-profit organization that could not operate without the efforts of the approximately 250 volunteers who donate their time and expertise in numerous capacities. These people provide a valuable community service to the kids enrolled in our club, for which they should be commended. However, as with any organization that deals with children, it is imperative that the club takes steps to exclude from participation in Port Moody Soccer Club activities, all persons who pose a risk to the safety of our players, or other coaches, administrators and volunteers. In accordance, the Port Moody Soccer Club has adopted an internal Risk Management Policy which requires every volunteer providing direct supervision of players to submit a Criminal Record Check every 3 years. Please see below for instructions on how to complete the CRC process.

It is the responsibility of every volunteer who wishes to perform the duties of coach, assistant coach or team manager to ensure that the risk management policy be completed prior to starting these duties. Criminal Record Checks are considered valid for 3 years and volunteers must ensure they have a valid CRC on file with our Risk Management Coordinator at the start of each season or tryout period.

In completing your CRC the policing agency may require additional information or the collection of fingerprints. While the approval process should typically only take a few days, early September is a busy time for CRC requests and so response time may be delayed; and if additional information is required approval could take a few weeks. Please ensure you allow enough time to complete the process prior to the start of the season. Completed Criminal Record Check results must be forwarded to the club's Risk Management Coordinator at the address below:

Teri Shaw
Risk Management Coordinator
Port Moody Soccer Club
119 - 255 Newport Drive
Port Moody, BC V3H 5H1

Obtaining a Criminal Record Check

Option 1: If applying through Port Moody Police

Port Moody Police Dept has changed their process for applying for CRC’s.  The applications are now done online.  

In the past, there was no charge for the CRC’s, however with their new system, there is a $10 + tax fee, payable online at the time of the application. This fee may be reimbursed, please email to request form.


When you apply for your CRC:


Results will be emailed to you directly from Port Moody Police.  You must forward that email containing the link results to Risk Management.  If you have been given a paper copy of your results, please advise Risk Management via email, and mail the original copy to Attn:  Risk Manager - #119, 255 Newport Drive, Port Moody, BC, V3H