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The Port Moody Goalkeeper academy is a high-level training program that will allow all goalkeepers alike to improve in the 5 major elements of goalkeeping:

  • Handling

  • Shot Stopping

  • Distribution

  • Coming Out For Crosses

  • Communication

​Goalkeeper Academy is run by our Head of Goalkeeping and allows for goalkeeper specific training. Whether just starting to play in goal or an experienced goalkeeper, our academy is the perfect place to be for the Long Term Goalkeeper Development. Our goalkeepers will have an opportunity to learn through a variety of situations and will be provided time to understand and perfect the technique.

  • Duration of training: 1 hour

  • Frequency: 1x / week

  • When:

  • Fall/Winter - September 5, 2023 Until March 15, 2024

  • Spring Season April 6 -June  23

  • ​September is Fall Winter 2024/25