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FEBRUARY 17, 2024

2nd Annual Reese Mueller Memorial Tournament

2nd Annual Reese Mueller Memorial Tournament

Reese Mueller was an athlete.  She played with the Port Moody Soccer Club for many years as Goalkeeper.  Reese was a kind, compassionate, brave girl that played and enjoyed the game with strength, skill and selflessness.  Reese excelled at every sport she tried, including earning her black belt in Tae Kwon Do when she was 11 years old.  Reese snowboarded, surfed, skateboarded, played basketball and volleyball.  Reese loved sports, as much as they loved her.  Whether ziplining, wakeboarding or rock climbing, Reese was a fearless and adventurous girl.

She was also a beautiful soul with an amazing spirit, always giving more than she took.  A very loyal girl that wouldn’t hesitate to stand up for herself and others.  She was smart and witty, with a spectacular smile, making people happy to be around her.

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About The Tournament

FEBRUARY 17,  2024

  • COST: $200 for each team (5-8 players)

  • This will be a fun 4v4 tournament for all U8-U13 Recreational Teams 

  • Games will be 20 minutes in length with each team playing 5 games total 

  • Recommended team size 5-8 players 

  • Each player will receive a tournament tshirt

  • Food truck on site

  • Great silent auctions items 

Reese would say “I got you” to her friends and teammates.  Her character of support and helping others is honoured within the PMSC.  The tournament motto is “I got you”.

Reese was in grade 10, had recently started her first part time job, had just earned her Standard First Aid with CPR certificate.  She was looking forward to turning 16 and getting her learners drivers license.

Reese tragically didn’t get a future.  She passed away July 26, 2022 due to fentanyl poisoning.  She was 15 years old.  Reese took a street drug that was unknowingly tainted with fentanyl.  That was the last day of her life.  Her life was stolen by toxic drugs.

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May Reese’s legacy live on in the hearts and thoughts of those who knew her.  

This tournament remembers and supports Reese.