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This is where your adventure starts and we are excited for you to join our soccer community!


Commonly asked registration questions

  • Can girls play on boy's teams?

    Yes, girls are permitted to play on boys’ teams through U12. The Club does reserve the right to limit girls from playing on a boy’s team if it is not in the best interest of the child.

  • Can I request for my child to play with their friends?

    Team creation is a very time consuming process for our volunteer Coordinators, and team sport is a great opportunity for children to make new friends and meet others in their community. For our younger age groups (U6 through U10), we try to create balanced teams with children from the same neighbourhood, however, this is not always possible. If there is an extenuating reason why your child should be placed on a team with another child (i.e. carpooling or social/emotional factors) please advise the registrar (registrar/at/ Special requests will only be considered up to June 15, and granting of such requests cannot be guaranteed. Requests for a specific coach, or for your child to play with a specific team or group of friends cannot be accommodated.

  • Can my child play in a different age group?

    Per BC Soccer regulations, all players must play in their respective age group. The only exceptions to this include:

    • If there are insufficient players of the correct age group to complete a team. In this instance, younger players will have to play in an older age group, regardless of the number of players in each age group.
    • If a player has been identified as being significantly advanced in skill and maturity such that playing in a higher age group is necessary to their player development.
    • If a player has an identified physical or mental disability and is best placed in a different age group – this requires approval from the BC Soccer Association.

    The Club’s Technical Director will need to approve any player not playing within their age group.

  • How are players assigned onto teams?

    For our younger (U6 through U10) age groups, we try to keep children from the same area on the same team, and try to honour special requests where we can. However, teams need to also be balanced as best as possible in numbers and by age and experience. Coaches are confirmed mid summer and players are assigned on teams shortly after. Once players have been assigned to teams, special requests cannot be accommodated.

    For our U11 and older teams, players will be placed onto teams via an evaluation process to determine the team division options, and subsequent appropriate division for each child’s ability.

    For more information on the evaluation process, balancing of teams and placement of players on teams, visit our 'Evaluations' page and scroll down to your child's age division.

  • What happens if my child cannot make the practice night assigned to their team?

    Practices are very important to developing the skills of a player and building a team bond – more so than games. If your child cannot make practice due to illness or a conflict, please advise the coach right away. If your child is missing practices regularly, please discuss with your coach or the Club as it is important for your child to attend as many practices as possible. This gets more important in the higher age levels and as play becomes more competitive – training is important to the team as a whole and if a player is not developing with the team that is not fair to the rest of the team.

  • What if there is no spot for my child on an existing team?

    The registration deadline of June 15 is so that we have an ample amount of time to create teams to accommodate all players. Players who are not able to be assigned a team will be waitlisted until a team can be found and waitlisted players will be placed in the order of registration. Our Coordinators work very hard to find and build teams to place all players. If it does not look like we will have enough players within our organization to fill a team we will work with neighbouring clubs to build teams. Our goal is that every child has a place to play soccer.

  • What other training opportunities are there for my child?

    PMSC offers a Euro Pro Academy through the fall, winter and spring season – and all players are encouraged to participate. The Academy is offered on Mondays and Fridays. Information on the Academy program is available on the website. Additionally, PMSC Euro Pro also runs camps during Spring Break and Summer time for additional soccer training (and fun) opportunities.

  • When do I find out who my child's coach is?

    Our high performance team coaches are selected in the spring during our player evaluation process and are announced during this time. House and divisional team coaches are determined through the spring as registrations come in and are typically finalized by July. Teams are formed in June/July and parents can expect to find out their child’s coach information in July or early August.

  • When do we find out the practice and game day, time and location?

    We do our best to advise of practice days and times as early as possible. Our U6/U7 fall-winter teams practice in gyms that are not confirmed until the end of the summer, and then our gym coordinator needs to work with our coaches to assign gyms based on their schedules. As a result, this information is not available until late August, however as we various gym bookings Monday through Thursday if the practice time assigned to your child does not work with your schedule we can look to moving them to another team that has a more favourable gym time.

    The schedule for our fall-winter U8 and older age groups is drafted in the spring and communicated at the time of registration. However, the City of Port Moody cannot guarantee our field requests until mid summer and so changes are sometimes necessary. Additionally, number of registrations also affects the amount of field space needed and hence accommodations sometimes need to be made after a schedule has been drafted.

    Boys will play games on Saturdays and girls on Sundays. Game times and locations for our U8 and older age groups are created by the various Leagues we play in and do not start to become available until late August/early September once the number of teams per Club is known.

  • Who coaches the teams?

    Teams are generally coached by parent volunteers, and in some cases our technical staff also volunteer their time to coach a team. The Club provides all coaches with training and resources – we have a committee dedicated to coach development. Each coach is required to submit a Criminal Record Check (no charge to the coach) to the Club at the start of the season. For our Kick Start program a parent or guardian is expected to be with their child at all practices and games (no drop offs allowed), and as such parents are encouraged (at the direction of the coaches) to help out and participate. For our older teams, the coach will advise what is expected in terms of parent participation.

  • Who runs the Port Moody Soccer Club?

    The Port Moody Soccer Club is predominantly run and managed by volunteers. Our club is run by our Board of Directors who provide long-term strategic vision as well as oversight for the day to day operations. We also have part-time paid staff including an Executive Director, Administrator, Webmaster, and our Technical Staff – but we minimize our paid positions to keep our registration costs low. Volunteers do everything from fundraising, to team photos, to hanging nets, to organizing equipment. For this reason, all families are asked to volunteer in some capacity. Individual teams need a Coach, Assistant Coach or Manager and help with providing oranges, planning events, etc. Please step forward when your coach asks for help!

  • Will my child play on the same team with the same coach and players each year?

    Not necessarily. Volunteer coaches are not always available year to year and the experience demographic of returning players vs. new players sometimes requires us to adjust teams to create fair, balanced teams. In U8 some children are selected to play on a High-Performance team and so there is a significant shift in team composition from U7 to U8. Children benefit from having different instruction and varying coaches through a soccer ‘career’ can be helpful for a child’s soccer development.

Still have a question? Please email the registrar

How to Register

To register to play soccer with PMSC simply click on the above red REGISTRATION button.  You will need to create a username and password to create your account, then simply fill in the set-up and registration pages to complete your registration.  The information you enter into your account will be saved so that as you register for other programs or register other children in your family down the road you will not need to re-enter all information each time.  Unfortunately, the information entered into our previous registration system was not able to be transferred to the new registration system.  Please ensure you keep your information up to date as this is our main resource should we need to contact you.

Registration Fees

We are happy to share that we have kept the registration fees the same as last year!  Our High Performance team costs increased slightly, however the Monday Night Elite Academy costs were decreased accordingly.  Monday Night Elite Academy costs are included in the Registration fees for our U13-U18 Metro division teams.  To view the 2018-2019 Fall/Winter registration fees click HERE.  Register prior to the June 15 registration deadline to receive the early bird rate.  Registrations received after June 15 will be an additional $25 for U6 & U7 players and $50 for U8-U18 players.


Until June 15th After June 15th
Div Birthyear Recreational Division  High Performance Division Recreational Division High Performance Division
U4 / U5 2014 / 15 $115* n/a $115* n/a
U5 / U6 2013 / 14 $225 n/a $250 n/a
U7 2012 $225 n/a $250 n/a
U8 2011 $265 see note below ** $305 see note below **
U9 2010 $265 see note below ** $305 see note below **
U10 2009 $265 $470
$305 $520
U11 2008 $295 $500 (Div 2) / $875 (Div1)
$345 $550 (Div 2) / $925 (Div1) 
U12 2007 $295 $500 (Div 2) / $875 (Div1)
$345 $550 (Div 2) / $925 (Div1) 
U13 2006 $320 $545 (Div 1) / $920 (Metro) $370 $595 (Div 1) / $970 (Metro) 
U14 2005 $320 $545 (Div 1) / $920 (Metro) 
$370 $595 (Div 1) / $970 (Metro)
U15 2004 $320 $545 (Div 1) / $920 (Metro)
$370 $595 (Div 1) / $970 (Metro)
U16 2003 $340 $575 (Div 1) / $950 (Metro) $390 $625 (Div 1) / $1,000 (Metro) 
U17 2002 $340 $575 (Div 1) / $950 (Metro) 
$390 $625 (Div 1) / $1,000 (Metro)
U18 2001 $340 $575 (Div 1) / $950 (Metro)
$390 $625 (Div 1) / $1,000 (Metro)

* The U4/U5 program is a once per week, ‘rec-style’, 10-week Academy program coached by our Technical Staff.  U5 (2014 born) players will have the option of playing with the U4 players in the 10 week ‘rec-style’ Academy program, or playing with the U6 players on a regular coach-led soccer team.  

** All U8 & U9 players will be placed on a Recreational team for the season, however players who are identified to have above average soccer skills and be emotionally ready for higher competition soccer will be invited to participate in the PMSC High Performance program and play on an Academy team, in addition to playing on a Rec team.  There will be an additional $170 cost for players on this team.  For information on this program click HERE and scroll down to the U8-U10 section.

Financial Assistance

While soccer continues to be one of the least expensive organized sports, we do recognize that some families may experience financial hardship.  If financial hardship is keeping you from registering your child, please contact the Registrar so that we can work to assist you.  One option is to seek KidSport funding. The KidSport Fund is administered by Sport BC and its mission is to overcome the financial obstacles that prevent some young people from playing sport "So All Kids Can Play". For more information on the KidSport Fund and instructions on how to apply, click here. Please note that there are local KidSport chapters dedicated to residents of Burnaby and to residents of the Tri-Cities (Port Moody, Coquitlam and Port Coquitlam). Residents from other cities in the area may have to apply to the KidSport BC main office in Vancouver.  Please advise the Registrar if you are applying for KidSport funding.

Registration Guidelines

  • All new players to PMSC must provide Proof of Birthdate to complete their registration.  Please email a copy of a Birth Certificate, Passport, Citizenship Card or Sworn Affidavit to registrar/at/ or mail PMSC - #119 - 255 Newport Dr., Port Moody, BC, V3H 5H1.
  • High performance’ teams are for players who attended player evaluations and were selected to play for that team by the Club’s technical staff. Players selected to play on a high-performance team must register within 24 hours of being selected or that player’s spot will be forfeit and offered to another player. High performance team registrations are not refundable.  Players will need a special registration access code (received from your coach or coordinator) in order to register for a high-performance team.
  • Our online registration system accepts payment by Visa or MasterCard – this is preferred.  If you chose to pay by cheque, payment must be received within five (5) days of registration.  If you will be applying to KidSport, a copy of your application or KidSport confirmation is due to the Registrar within one (1) week of registration.  Please email registrar/at/ or mail PMSC - #119 - 255 Newport Dr., Port Moody, BC, V3H 5H1.
  • If registration in your division is full, do not despair!  We work hard to form teams and as additional coaches are identified we may be able to open more spaces in a particular division.  As spaces become available players will be taken from the waitlist on a first-come first-served bases.  Our Coordinators also work with other neighbouring clubs to find teams for unplaced players.
  • Girls (U5-U12) may play for either a girls or boys team. At these age groups the Boys program play games on Saturdays and the Girls program play games on Sundays. 

Per BC Soccer regulations, all players must play in their respective age group and the registration system will automatically do this based on the players’ year of birth. Any exceptions  must be approved by the Club’s Technical Director and manually changed in the registration system by the Registrar – these exceptions include:

1)  If there are insufficient players of the correct age group to complete a team.  In this instance, younger players will have to play in an older age group, regardless of the number of players in each age group.

2)  If a player has been identified as being significantly advanced in skill and maturity such that playing in a higher age group is necessary to their player development.

3)  If a player has an identified physical or mental disability and is best placed in a different age group – this requires additional approval from the BC Soccer Association.

Placement of Players

The Port Moody Soccer Club will make every effort to place players on one of our teams and will commit to working with neighbouring clubs to find a place for all players to play. Team size is governed by the minimum and maximum players set by the BC Soccer Association. The receipt of a registration does not guarantee placement on a team.

In order to ensure placement on a Port Moody Soccer Club team (pending coach confirmation), players must register by June 15.

For information on how players are evaluated, teams balanced, and the placement of players at all divisions, please visit our 'Evaluations' page and scroll down to the appropriate age level for your child.

Refund Policy

If space limitations prevent us from placing a player on a team, a full refund will be provided.

No refund will be provided for players registered to play on one of our ‘high performance’ teams.

House or divisional player registration and registration for our PMSC Euro Pro academy program are each subject to the following refund schedule: 

  • All refund requests are subject to a $35.00 administration charge, plus any incurred costs.
  • As of September 1, $100 cancellation fee.
  • As of October 15, no refunds.

PMSC Euro Pro academy program is subject to the following refund schedule;

  • All refund requests are subject to a $35.00 administration charge, plus any incurred costs.
  • 3 weeks prior to 1st session, $100 cancellation fee.
  • 5 days after 1st session, no refunds.

U4/U5 recreational program registration is subject to the following refund schedule:

  • All refund requests are subject to a $25 administration charge, plus any incurred costs.
  • 5 days after 1st session, no refunds.

Any refund requests must be submitted via email or mail to the attention of the registrar:

Email: registrar/at/
Mail: PMSC Registrar - #119 - 255 Newport Dr., Port Moody, BC, V3H 5H1

Coaches are not authorized to issue refunds.  Consideration may be made for extenuating circumstances outside of this refund policy.

From time to time, the City of Port Moody and the municipalities of opposing teams may close fields due to circumstances out of our control, typically weather.  Every effort will be made to move a game to a field that has not been impacted, however this is not always possible.  No refunds will be provided for cancellations that are out of our control.