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Ralph Luongo

Induction: 2020

Years with PMSC 2002-2016

Roles: Assistant Coach for both my son & daughter's teams / Equipment Manager / VP - Boys / Spring League organizer, field prep person / President and everything else in between!!

Being a lifetime member gives me great pride in giving back to the commuinity and more importantly hopefully during my time that i did make a small difference to better not only the game, but the families in our home town!

More than anything is the friendships that i have made with everyone that i had the pleasure of meeting, working with and helping put a smile on their faces!!

The PMSC community is a very close knit community and it was a joy to see all parents, coaches, executive and fans help raise our children to be respectable young citizens!

Thank you for including me on this special evening and i am always proud to be a part of "The Best Little Club in the Lower Mainland"!!