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Johnny Millin

Induction: 2017

1994 to present, involved in a few different positions……… 😊

It’s an honor to be recognized for being involved with this club that I belong to (now & forever) from the heart.

So many great & warm memories that it would take awhile to run through them, but one that stands out was either the 2001 or 2001 Micro-Mini / Mini Wind-up Tournament on the first Saturday of March were we had the Micros through U8s using Inlet Park Gravel for their games and the U9s & U10s using both Westhill & Glenarye Grass for their games. I pre-lined and put up the goal netting for the two grass fields and the three gravel fields on Friday night, so that the fields would all be ready for Saturday morning. Later on that evening (on the Friday night), low-and-behold it started to snow. It came down pretty good that night. On Saturday morning when I went to Inlet first a around 6:30am with a stack of shovels in the back of my truck, the gravel field was as white as could be. Of course, as always…the show must go on in the life of the Port Moody Soccer Club, so using a shovel, I quickly started to shovel of outside line’s of the soccer field and left one shovel standing in front of each of the three field. I then went to Westhill and shoveled off all the lines of the field that were pre-lined the night before. Then I proceeded to Glenarye Grass and did the same. It was around 8:20am when I left Glenarye to go back down to Inlet. The games at all three locations were scheduled to start-up at 9:00am. When I got back down to Inlet I was amazed with what I saw, each field had the coaches out there shoveling the rest of the lines. Many of the coaches (parents) brought their own snow shovels and where shovelling the snow off the fields. The same thing took place both at Westhiil & Glenarye Grass. And the young soccer players (boys & girls) were all out there in their Port Moody Red, Black & White starting to get ready & having fun. And then right at 9:00am the young referees all blew their whistles and the FUN began. With the BBQ cranking up at Inlet and the food truck going back and forth from Westhill to Glenarye. The fun continued right till late afternoon. And the Trophy & T-Shirt presentations to all the boys & girls was like seeing them all win the World Cup over & over.

That’s the real Port Moody Spirit…turning what should have been a snow-out day into one of the Best Days Ever… All within “Our Little Club”