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John Saunders

Induction: 2012

Let me start by saying I am very proud to be a Life Member of Port Moody Soccer Club.

I registered my son to play Mini soccer at Port Moody back in 1995 and became involved with the club as an assistant coach right away.

I coached, managed, and trained my son's teams right up to and including U18. (2008)

My 1st club position was coordinator of the Mini soccer program....and as we grew, we initiated and introduced the Micro-mini program at Inlet park.

Over the next several years I volunteered for a few other club positions including "Club VP" (boys and girls back then) and then President.

Like you, I have worn many hats over the years ( District Rep, Risk Management, Original Web Site design and maintenance, Equipment Manager, hot dog guy.... to name a few.

But I have to say I'm most proud of the fact I was involved in creating the Port Moody Awards Night.

After my son graduated, I continued to volunteer for our Port Moody Soccer Club Adult program.....working with Larry Moro and Bob Favelle right up until a few years ago.

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John Saunders PMSC Lifetime Member
John Saunders PMSC Lifetime Member
John Saunders PMSC Lifetime Member