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Don Vander Horst

Induction: 2013

I would say I was involved with the club (referee, coaching, eta) for about 20 years. Started out coaching my oldest son from juvenile soccer (he was around 12) through to adult soccer. I also coached my younger son (10 years younger) and when he was 19, both boys were able to be on the same team.


I was quite honored to be a lifetime member of the club, and still enjoy stopping by games by the ice arena to watch a game now and then. My grandkids (both live in Whistler) are playing soccer there, and its awesome to see them progress, and when they are here, I often take them to the field to watch games. Port Moody soccer club has done a lot of positive things as the club grew, and I was fortunate to be part of that growth.


Two memories from my time in soccer here in Port Moody: older son's team won the league for U 16 and again as U -21. Great bunch of guys. The other good memory was when both boys could play on the same team. I really enjoyed those few years. One lasting memory is seeing some the players now and then, as they have moved in their lives, etc...but still enjoy seeing me and talk about those days as a team.