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Craig Dougans

Induction: 2014

I was involved with PMSC for 24 years as a parent and volunteer. Here are some of the highlights.

  • 1994/95 – 2001/02 supporting parent and spectator to my two oldest daughters

  • 2001/02 – 2011/12 coached my eldest daughter Kirsten from U14 to Div. 2 Women’s (U21, Div. 3, Div. 2)

  • 2005/06 – 2007/08 coached my middle daughter Laurel from U16 through U18

  • 2000/01 – 2011/12 coached my youngest daughter Marys from U7 through U18

  • 2004/05 – 2005/06 VP Girls

  • 2006/07 – 2008/09 President

  • 2009/10 - ? VP Adult

  • Recognition – Girls Competitive Coach of the Year 2008/2009, Life Member 2013/2014

Throughout the period the teams won numerous divisional, PMSC and tournament awards.

In 2012 I stood down as assistant coach to the Div. 2 team due to work pressures and enjoyed watching and supporting my eldest daughter play Div. 2 until she retired due to injury in the fall of 2018 (after 24 years of playing soccer at PMSC).

I felt so honoured to receive the Lifetime Member award. For me it is the Club’s recognition of my service to PMSC and the hundreds of girls and young women, including my daughters, I had the pleasure of coaching with over the years. Importantly, today I think it also helps maintain a tie with the Club and many of the other volunteers I worked with. I have many good friends from my time with the Club.

My fondest memories are of the players and watching them grow from little girls to young women. It seems like one day they were holding hands and skipping down the field, or playing in the dirt at Inlet Park, and before I knew it they were graduating from university and bringing their own children to the sidelines at games. Watching them succeed in sports, school and life was a great privilege.

The “coaches’ games” and coaching clinics were always a good time. We would get together on the field to learn some skills, let off steam, share some laughs, and maybe share a piece of pizza and a pop. PMSC has always been so fortunate to have such talented parents playing and coaching. I learned so much from people like Joe Mathot and Larry Moro. No one could host a coaches’ game better than Johnny Millin.

I will remember fondly all the men and women I coached with over the years, the great football we watched, and the many adventures we shared.

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