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Rick Sayers

Induction: 2013

I first got involved with the Club back in 2003 when Bob Favelle and I started the PMSC Men’s Gunners program with a U21 team that saw almost immediate success. In the next few years, we won the Provincial title twice, and were always contenders for the top prize in U21. As players graduated, the other Men’s Gunner teams were formed, and we enjoyed success right up to the Premier team. We took great pride in hearing that other teams were building their programs to mirror the PMSC success. I kept a coach/assistant role for the next 13 years.

I was extremely humbled to receive this distinction, though full credit must always go to Bob, without whose drive this program may never have happened. It gives me a great deal of pride to claim myself a Life Member, and I still take good care of my jacket, proclaiming it. I get a lot.

I met so many good people and forged wonderful friendships with all the players and coaches I came in contact with, many of whom I still talk to on a regular basis. I absolutely treasure my friendship with Mr. Favelle, who really will always be Mr. PMSC to me.