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Amy Hendricks

Induction: 2016

I've been a member of the club since 1978 to present time. I played youth soccer until 1988. In 1994 I joined a PM women's adult team and I still currently manage and play on this team. I have had the privilege to coach and/or manage a few of my daughter's teams over the past 14 years, and have had numerous roles as a past member of the Board.

My dedication has always stemmed from my desire to increase awareness of the sport and to have a positive impact in the development of more inclusive programming for girls and women. I'm very honoured and thankful for the recognition of my long time support and commitment to the PMSC.

Well there are so many but to highlight a few...

As a youth player I have many memories of the Seattle Soccer Exchanges. I'm so happy I survived them all and made it back home safely.

Coaching 4/5 year old girls and boys was a pretty amazing and eye-opening experience. Having a player regularly show up and tell you he's going to be invisible during the game, or others standing in line at the concession for candy bags during the game, and lastly that player who just sits and digs in the gravel in the middle of the pitch. I'm happy to report many of those players are graduating this season from the youth side and moving on to the adult side - so I'd like to believe the candy and hot chocolate played a major role?

As a past Board member, I have had the pleasure of working alongside some very dedicated and like-minded individuals. I have an enormous amount of appreciation for the knowledge, time and commitment others sacrifice from their own families to voluntarily give back to the community and to this Club.


Something I'm most proud of though in my time with PMSC is the commitment of the staff and BOD to provide something for everyone- including 1 & 2 year olds! I believe "our little club" is now perhaps one of the most diverse and inclusive clubs in Canada.

Amy Hendricks