Referee Clinics

BC Soccer's Referee Program exists to support and foster the development and education of referees from the grassroots to elite level of refereeing throughout British Columbia. The goal of BC Soccer is to provide registered referees across British Columbia with the tools necessary to help them develop their referee abilities.

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Upcoming Referee Clinics & Meetings

Referee Clinic Types

  • Small Sided Referee Clinic

    The Small Sided Referee Clinic is the basics of refereeing and is offered to individuals who are no less than 12 years of age. Once an individual is successful in passing this clinic, they are classified as a Small Sided Referee and may officiate in any match with players between U-6 and U-12.

    • Pre-requisite: Minimum 12 Years old
    • Clinic Length: 6 hours
    • Clinic Date & Time: September 15th - 9am to 3pm (Please note this date and time may change)
    • Clinic Fee: NOTE: as of April 1, 2015 the Small Sided Referee Clinic Fee is $40.00 (plus $4.25 user fee / system processing fee. - Please use code - (PMSC2018)  
    • Schedule of Clinics and Registration CLICK HERE
  • Entry Level Referee Clinic

    The Entry Level Referee Clinic is the entry point into 11 a-side soccer. Once an individual is successful in passing this clinic they will be classified as a Youth Referee (if they are 14 or 15 years old) or a District Referee  (if they are 16 years old or older).

    The goal of this three day clinic is to ensure that individuals who pass are capable to be either a Referee or an Assistant Referee in 11 a-side soccer. This is done with experienced referee instructors who use video educational material and practical on field sessions. The topics covered include, but are not limited to the Laws of the Game, Positioning, Signals, Administration of the game, and Pre-Match Preparation & Match Reporting. Successful individuals have their first year’s registration free.

    • Pre-requisite: Minimum 14 Years old by or on the day of the clinic
    • Clinic Length: 17 hours
    • Clinic Date & Time: Aug 24th to Aug 26th - (9am to 5pm each day)
    • Clinic Fee: $125.00 (plus a $4.25 user fee / system processing fee) - Please use code - (PMSC2018) 

    Schedule of Clinics and Registration: CLICK HERE

  • Referee Refresher Clinic

    The Canadian Soccer Association and the British Columbia Soccer Association requires all referees to attend a Referee Refresher Clinic annually and register with the BC Soccer office in order to maintain their active status.

    Referee Refresher Clinics are designed to update all Registered Referees in British Columbia with any Laws of the Game changes and interpretations. The clinic content of the refresher is developed by the Referee Education Program and launched in August of each year.

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please wear suitable clothing to participate in on-field activity and there will be a Fitness test at all Refresher Clinics

    • Pre-requisite: Must currently be a BC Soccer Registered Official
    • Clinic Date & Time: Course 1181 - Thursday, September 6th, 2018 - 6:00pm to 10pm
    • Clinic Length: 3 hours.
    • Clinic Fee: $69.25. Optional FIFA Law Book $15 payable at time of registration. Please use code - (PMSC2018) 
  • Regional Level Referee Course

    The Regional Level Referee Clinic is for referees who are looking to achieve the next level in the Provincial Referee Program and be able to referee high level matches.

    The goal of this three day clinic is to teach and give appropriate tools to all individuals to advance their skills.

    The topics covered include:

    • Laws of the Game
    • FIFA Fitness Test and Warm-up procedures
    • Dealing with Confrontation
    • Role of the Assistant Referee
    • Achieving and Maintaining Match Control
    • Right place Right time
    • Recognizing Challenges

    Pre-requisite: Must currently be a BC Soccer Registered Referee
    Course Length: 17 hours

  • Provincial Promotion Course

    The Provincial Referee Clinic is for referees who are looking to achieve the next level in the Provincial Referee Program and have the skills to meet the requirements of a Provincial Referee.

    Pre-requisite: Must currently be a BC Soccer Registered Referee and apply for consideration or been nominated by the BC Soccer Referee Committee at its Annual Review in December.

    Referee must have successfully completed the FIFA fitness test and also passed and complete an online examination on the Laws of the Game prior to the course. This exam will be administered and evaluated by either the CSA Referee department or BC Soccer Referee department and the candidates must pass with a mark of not less than 80% (Note: officials are only offered one attempt at this examination – this is a single annual examination set by the CSA and there are no retakes).

    Course Length: 17 hours

    The three day course is an intensive mix of practical and theoretical referee training.

  • Referee Clinic & Registration Refunds

    In the event a paid registrant cannot attend a course, registrants may transfer to a course of equal level, with the same payment model as the original course (i.e.; Student Pay course), before the course starts, or within 18 months after the original course start date.

    If there is no appropriate course to transfer to, refunds of course fees will be issued upon request by emailing no later than 90 days after the course start date.

    The refund e-mail request must include the following details:

    • Full Name of Registrant
    • Full name of Original Payee (i.e.; credit card holder name)
    • Who the refund should be made payable to
    • Current Mailing Address
    • Course level, location course number, payment confirmation (receipt)
    • Reason for refund request

    Approved refunds will be issued via cheque within 45 days of request date.

    The system user fee paid on all courses is non-refundable, with the exception of courses cancelled by BC Soccer. Annual referee registration fees are non-refundable.