Minis U8 – U10 Program

Minis U8 – U10 Program (2008 - 2010 born)

In the Minis program the focus is still on FUN, and players continue to work on their physical, social and emotional soccer abilities. Game play moves to the next level as referees, corner kicks, throw-ins, and indirect penalty kicks are introduced. Games become longer (25 minute halves), soccer balls get bigger, competition gets stronger, and net and field size increases. Players will have equal playing time and try all positions, however players who are continually late or absent for practices or games may sit out portions of the following game.

All teams in the Minis program attend one game and one coach-led practice each week. Players that participate in a high performance stream also attend a technical practice each week. All players looking to improve their soccer skills are encouraged to sign up for the PMSC Euro Pro Academy Sessions – Mondays for high performance players and Fridays for all players (players from other clubs are welcome).

Boys continue to play on Saturdays and girls on Sundays, however some of the high performance teams may have games on the alternate days depending on final schedules. Girls are welcome to play in the boys’ recreation division if they wish.

High performance teams are determined in March through an ongoing (year-round) evaluation process, and recreational teams are formed in July once coaches have been confirmed. Players who register prior to the rostering process will be placed on teams with other children from their neighbourhood (as requested in your child’s registration), however teams also need to be balanced and so do not assume that your child will be placed on the same team with the same players and coach each year. Special requests to be paired with a friend can be considered prior to our June 15 registration deadline. Requests for teams to remain together or multiple players to play together cannot be accommodated.

Each player will be provided a team jersey, soccer shorts and soccer socks – this uniform may be worn for practices and is required for all games. In the event of cold weather during games, uniforms should be worn over top of jackets, and toques and gloves are permitted.

Your child will need the following:

  • Soccer cleats (for games)
  • Shin pads
  • Water bottle
  • Dry fit sports wear for under uniforms (optional)

For more information about the Minis programs, please contact your Minis Rep.