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Kick Start Team Contacts

The Kick Start program (girls & boys) team contact lists are below. For more information about the Kick Start programs, please contact your Kick Start Rep.

Gender Age Group Level Team Name Position Name Email
U4 Rec U4 Rec Sunday Academy Coach Blake Ceron  
Boys U6 Rec Flames (T1) Coach Christian Waldegrave  
Boys U6 Rec Barcelona (T2) Coach Horia Buzgar  
Boys U6 Rec Rock Stars (T3) Coach Sam Cho  
Boys Rock Stars (T3) Manager Lindsy Grunert  
Boys U6 Rec Foxes (T4) Coach Robert Coelho  
Boys U6 Rec Tornados (T5) Coach Carly McIntyre  
Boys U6 Rec Wildcats (T6) Coach Mark Williams  
Girls U6 Rec Soccer Marshmallows (T1) Co-Coach Greg Alexis  
Girls Soccer Marshmallows (T1) Co-Coach Adrian Hingston  
Girls U6 Rec Ladybugs (T2) Coach Paul Woodward  
Girls U6 Rec Cheetahs (T3) Coach Lynda Green  
Girls U6 Rec Kicking Unicorns (T4) Coach Grant Wittenberg  
Boys U7 Rec Lightning Bolts (T1) Coach Luis Castro  
Boys U7 Rec Little Warriors (T2) Coach Tony Habib  
Boys Little Warriors (T2) Manager Jodie Sunley  
Boys U7 Rec Black Dragons (T3) Coach Russ Jeffery  
Boys U7 Rec Black Lightning (T4) Coach Joe Racic  
Boys U7 Rec Black Panthers (T5) Coach Liza Triance  
Boys U7 Rec Red Ninjas (T6) Coach Marina Follador  
Boys U7 Rec Lightning Strike (T7) Coach Lisa Stevens  
Boys U7 Rec Lightning (T8) Coach Patrick O'Neill  
Boys Lightning (T8) Manager Colleen O'Neill  
Girls U7 Rec Pink Foxes (T1) Coach Paul Davenport  
Girls U7 Rec Firebolts (T2) Coach Charlie Loo  
Girls Firebolts (T2) Manager Tine Paterson  
Girls U7 Rec Lions (T3) Coach Tom Nguyen  
Girls U7 Rec Cheetah Kick (T4) Coach Scott Wallace