What to do if a vs. team doesn't have ID card for player?


If a player does not have a player’s card the other team’s coach is informed but the player is allow to play. The coach can protest the game to the league and the league will decide whether the other team has to forfeit the game or not and also if there are any actions against the coach are needed or not.

Note: If the game is a cup game then the player or team staff without an ID card would not be allow to play / participate in the game, no exceptions.

While there is the possibility that the player’s card was simply lost and they are not actually currently suspended from playing or playing on a team that they are not entitled to play on, they should have a signed letter on club or district letterhead confirming that the player is entitled to play and that the card is missing and is in the process of being replaced. The purpose of the letter is to put the onus on a club/district member that the person is allowed to play on this team. I’ve only ever seen two letters in all of the cases of a missing player’s ID cards from away coaches.

Also Note: If it ever happens again, and you are informed that a player or players do not have their ID Cards, you should declare to the referee that you are playing the game under protest. And then the referee advises the other team's coach. Thus the player (s) without the card are then checked on by the league's disciplinary committee and if found that they were playing under suspension or as a un-eligible player (s), then actions would be taken towards the players and that team coach and that team would forfeit the game to you.

If you have any questions please contact our Director of Player Development via email