BC Soccer - Youth Abuse Notice to Coaches


Youth Abuse Notice to Coaches - BC Soccer Continues to take a Stronger Stance Against Youth Abuse in Soccer

Vancouver BC September 13, 2016 – BC Soccer believe that all youths deserve their every protection. To help ensure this protection, BC Soccer has created a series of offenses in their Discipline Policy (Conduct, Ethics, and Discipline Standards and Policy) which are specific to address that of youth abuse.

In follow-up to recent public postings regarding abuse against youth, please be aware that BC Soccer will be circulating the attached “Youth Abuse Notice to coaches” which reiterates the importance of protecting youth across all soccer environments and the consequences of misconduct of this nature. The communication will be sent out to all coaches via BC Soccer’s online tool, CoachCentre.ca; however, please also be encouraged to pass this important reminder along as applicable.

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