Divisional Contacts U13 - U18

The U13-U18 Recreational/Divisional program (girls & boys) team contact lists are below. For more information about the U13-U15 program, please contact your Divisional Rep; and for more information about the U16-U18 program, please contact your Divisional Rep.

Age Group Level Team Name Position Name Email
U13 Gold United Coach Michael Girard  
United Asst Coach Alex Apostol  
United Manager Brad Pruner  
U13 Bronze United Coach Elliot Mullen  
United Asst Coach Jonathan Wheeler  
United Manager Claire Wheeler  
U14 Silver Gunners Coach Tony Morgan  
Gunners Asst Coach Luke Morgan  
Gunners Asst Coach Gary Eastwood  
Gunners Manager Argentina Candal  
U14 Bronze Golden Strikers Coach Scott Henson  
Golden Strikers Asst Coach Stuart Bryce  
U15 Gold TAAJ FC Coach Majid Fathi  
TAAJ FC Manager Adam Faris  
U15 Silver Eagles Coach Phil Young  
U15 Bronze Tigers Coach Cam Hite  
Tigers Coach Randy Koufalis  
Tigers Manager Cindy Hite  
U16 Bronze United Coach Glen Kirk  
United Manager Hector Curiel  
U17 Silver Gunners Coach John Brown  
Gunners Coach Abhinav Bhatta  
Gunners Manager Jill Amyotte  
U18 Bronze United Coach Bruce Hendriks  
United Coach Darren Babey  
United Manager Catherine Randall  
Age Group Level Team Name Position Name Email
U13 Div.1 PM Storm Coach George Drazenovic  
PM Storm Manager Tabb Davis  
U14 Div 2 Heat Coach Jeff Whitson  
Heat Asst Coach Davide Di Giovanni  
Heat Asst Coach Amy Hendriks  
Heat Manager Susan Mueckel  
U16 Div 2 AC Selects Coach Colleen Gaskell  
AC Selects Asst Coach Bret Anderson  
AC Selects Asst Coach Jeff Whitson  
AC Selects Manager Patricia Hinrichs  
U17 Div.2 Impact Coach Jay Lang  
Impact Asst Coach Larry Bevilacqua  
Impact Manager Tracy Guterres  
U18 Div 1 Palmeiras Coach Domingo De Torres  
Palmeiras Manager Kirsten Schwarz-Anderson  
U18 Div.3 Eclipse Coach Mike Pesunti  
Eclipse Asst Coach Walter Zunic  
Eclipse Manager Ginette Charpentier