Port Moody Soccer Club Field Status

  • Field Update | July 1st - North Shore Turf (HWT) OPEN

Field Name Surface Status Last Update
Trasolini Field (PMTC) Turf
Jul 1 @ 7:51AM
North Shore Turf (HWT) Turf
Jul 1 @ 7:51AM
North Shore Grass Grass
Jul 1 @ 7:50AM
Westhill Field Grass
Jul 1 @ 7:51AM
Aspenwood Field Grass
Jul 1 @ 7:50AM
Heritage Mountain Field Grass
Jul 1 @ 7:50AM
Inlet Park Gravel
Jul 1 @ 7:50AM

OPEN: Field is Open for play  |  CLOSED: Training or Games may not be played when field is closed  |  CAUTION: Field is playable, but closure may be imminent  |  CD: Field playable at Coaches Discretion

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  • 2017 Teams Needing Players

     Posted on: Jul 25, 2017

    We are currently seeking players for the following recreational (house) teams: GU8 (born 2010) GU10 (bo ..

  • During the 2014-2015 season, the Port Moody Soccer Club (PMSC) made a significant investment in training programs for the development of all our players from U6 – U18. We received great feedback from players, coaches and parents that the program helped to develop our players better than in previous years. Last year’s program was the second time PMSC introduced a club wide training program developed by our Technical Director, Johnny Sulentic.

    As a result of the positive feedback we received, we are introducing this program again for this coming season with a few tweaks to make it better. We are offering a streamlined program for the house teams and a more comprehensive program for our development, select and MSL teams. As a result of these changes, the next phase of this program does come with costs that PMSC will be including in the registration fees for all players.

    The Science of Rondo Curriculum

    The Port Moody Soccer Club has implemented the "The Science of Rondo" as it's baseline player development curriculum. If one had to define “Rondo” it would be as follows: Rondo is a training game in which the group who is possession has a numerical advantage. Rondo can be as little as 3 v 1 to 10 v 2 over another group of players. The objective of the group in possession is to keep the ball away from the defenders, while the defenders objective is to win the ball.

    Rondo is different than other possession drills because the players take up a pre-set space in the circle rather than roaming all over. Many possession drills will have players move to spaces that relate more to the movements of a regular game. However, some of the rondo variations do involve movements out of the pre-set typical rondo spaces. For more information about the "The Science of Rondo" Curriculum, please click here.

    Development Program Chart

    The program has been broken down into different levels based on age of our players to give them the best support and development at their specific ages. The high level details of the program are as follows and the detailed breakdown can be found below:

    Age Group 4 v 4 Practice Streaming Program Technical Training PMSC Academy Game
    U4 - U5          
    U6 - U7     Optional*
    U8 - U10 House     Optional*
    U8 - U10 Development Optional*
    U11 - U12 House     Optional*
    U11 - U12 Select   Optional*
    U13 - U18 Division 2 - 4     Optional*
    U13 - U18 MSL / Division 1   Optional*

    * PMSC Academy is a pay-by-user academy session. For more information about the PMSC Player Academy, click here.

    Summary of Development Programs

    4 v 4 Training

    All players in our club will have our 4 v 4 program included in their fees. We encourage all players to attend these supervised but un-coached sessions to give all players a chance to get lots of touches on the ball and to have fun and be creative. The 4 v 4 sessions are an integral part of player development and we have seen the players who have attended these session improve their skills greatly through the season. 2016-17 4 v 4 Training Schedule coming soon!

    U8 - U10 Streaming

    The Port Moody Soccer Club offers two streams of development for our U8 – U10 players. As a reminder, the Port Moody Soccer Club introduced the streaming program to allow children to play and develop together according to their abilities. All Clubs involved in the program have found it to be very successful, benefitting players in both the community (house) and development streams. For more information about this program, click here.


    All PMSC teams will be given one (1) coach led practice per week. These practices will follow a curriculum developed by the club. The curriculum will be a continuation of what players will be taught at the academy programs so that we ensure all our players are following the same program to do our best to ensure they are all developed following the same fundamentals of the game of soccer. Our Technical Director will oversee this program and curriculum.

    PMSC Academy

    We encourage players to attend an academy session offered by PMSC to further develop their ball control, team play and physical conditioning. Our academy programs are offered to all players in the club and are strictly on a user pay basis. We currently offer these academy programs on Monday, Friday and Sunday and they are open to all ages. For more information about this program click here.

    Programs for Development, Select and MSL Players

    Technical Training

    All players who have been selected for our Development, Select and MSL programs will receive one training session per week led by our Technical Director and staff coaches. This program is to continue to develop our players in these programs to ensure we have the best training for our top level teams. PMSC wants to develop players at the highest level and to continue to maintain our reputation as “the best little club in the lower mainland”. Our goal is to continue to have the best program and for all our teams to continue to be competitive at the highest levels in our league and in the province. We take pride in our successes and want to continue the tradition of excellence in our club.

    These training sessions are included in the registration fees for the players who have been selected for these teams.