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PMSC's 2016 MSL MVP's

At a recent MSL Committee Meeting, the MSL league's MVPs were announced.

There is a first, second and third place winner, which is based on actual weekly game MVP nominations.

The player that has the most weekly MVPs is declared 1st and receives the divisions MVP Trophy. The 2nd and 3rd place players receive their recognition on the MSL Website's Yearly MVP posting.

Two of our Port Moody MSL team's both had players that ended up as the 2nd & 3rd Place MVP for their divisions.

This is amazing and should be celebrated by our club and all of it's members.

Our Port Moody MSL 2nd & 3rd Ranked MVPs are:


From the GU16 MSL Extreme:

2nd overall MVP - Ellie Baker

3rd overall MVP - Ana Basa

From the BU13 (04) AC Selects:

2nd overall MVP - Lieto Hutchinson

3rd overall MVP - Geo Lee

Something to be proud of!!  Go Port Moody Go! 

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