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PMSC wants you!

In case you need a reason to volunteer for the best little club in the lower are 10!!

#10 - It's Good for you
#9 - It saves resources
#8 - Volunteers gain professional experience.
#7 - It brings people together.
#6 - It promotes personal growth and self esteem.
#5 - Volunteering strengthens your community.
#4 - You learn a lot.
#3 - You get a chance to give back.
#2 - Volunteering encourages civic responsibility.
And the #1 reason?  You make a difference.

The following volunteer positions are open and available!

-Head Referee-in-Chief


-Fundraising Coordinator


-Spring League Coordinator


For more information or to sign up please visit our Volunteer page and fill out the on-line form!


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