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PMSC - Nov 11th

Take a look at all the PMSC teams out in full force representing the "Best Little Club in the Lower Mainland" 

"Well done!" to all our teams! 

BU10 Developmental Warriors and Wolves came together as the Port Moody Saints for the Coastal FC Remembrance Day Tourney. It was a nice sunny day in South Surrey to play some footie and to observe a moment of silence. 




PMSC GU10 Cyclones


Life is full of challenges and opportunities. Sometimes these occur at the same time. Today marked a major milestone in our little team's path of development; it was our first tournament.


My girls are, on first blush, a shy, reserved lot but as you get to know them they are joyful, energetic, resilient, and just plain happy lot. It's that shyness though that can prove a barrier to exploring and trying new things. This year has been different. I've seen growth in their eagerness to try new things and embrace new challenges, and that's what has led us to try our first tournament. For 10 of the 11 players it was their very first time at such an event, and it was exciting to be leading them in something they may remember for a very long time.


Our first game. The anxiety, fear, trepidation, and excitement (a quite potent mix) was evident, however, regardless of that they stepped on to the field with bravery and determination. It was a slow start though and I began to fear that I had taken them to a place where it could damage all the great progress they had made over the last 2 seasons in building their confidence. The other team was stepping around our girls who began somewhat static and frigid. The enormity of the field (it was big!) seemed to have left them a little lost. Goal for the other team. The girls got grim faced but not from frustration but rather a desire to fight back. I've seen that before and it awes me every time. They stepped things up at that point and rallied around each other. They began supporting each other the way they had worked so hard to do in practices and league games. The game changed and the girls truly competed, however, in the end we lost 3-0. After the whistle the girls looked at each other and me and were happy with their efforts. They understood they started slow but worked hard to turn that around; they knew they could do better. This self-assessment is part of the makeup of our girls – they seem to see the positive side and don't get upset with a loss. They see that they tried hard and performed as well as they could. They are content as long as they were competitive. They are so much better at this than me and most adults that I know.


Our second, third and fourth games. Hard work, perseverance, and teamwork. They exhibited all the right traits and I was so proud. They lost each game 1-0, with the goals coming in the last few minutes of each game. I felt heart-broken each time for them as they were so close to finding that win or tie. On reflection, this was simply my own competitiveness coming out as they didn't see it that way. They were proud of each other and they were happy with the results because they did their best. Our team name is the Cyclones and our chant centers on "play hard, and have fun". The girls lived up to this in every game and walked off the field positive and up-beat. At the end of the last game they came over as a group for the cheer and one girl said, "wow - we lost again but we played so well. They were really good and we only let them have one goal. We'll get them next year.", and everyone agreed. Again, smiles all around. Fantastic – they want to do it again next year!


As a coach we hear that we're not supposed to focus on winning, and I believe that to be true, because it's more important to build strength and a resilience of character that allows our players to take on any challenge. We need to establish a foundation where they can continue to get better every week and year. We want them to love the game as much as we do. Today's opportunity was to see how the girls could handle that in an environment foreign to them. They came up trumps. We may not have won the games, but the Cyclone went down swinging and had fun doing it. The girls never let it get them down and I'm constantly inspired by their resilience. They aren't an aggressive bunch but they have positive attitudes, a desire to improve, and a strength to keep trying, and I'll take that any day of the week.


Yes, life is full of challenges and opportunities. The girls embraced it today at their first tournament and came away happy because they had played so hard. I've come away with a new level of respect for a group of 8 and 9 year olds that constantly teach me how to better handle defeat and adversity. Well done Cyclone! 


 You were successful and winners today. Well done!  - Coach Colin 




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