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PMSC 2018 District & League Cup Run - UPDATED

Update - April 18th

BU13 MSL (05) AC Selects were outed in a 1-0 loss

GU15 MSL Velocity had a heartbreaking 1-0 loss in final minutes of the game

GU18 Div 1 Palmeiras, unfortunately, were not victorious

The only PMSC team left in Cup Final play is the BU17 MSL (01) AC Selects who are challenging the SPL cup!

Update - April 13th - League Divisional winners - Congrats to you all! 

  • GU18 Div 1 Palmeiras
  • BU13 Bronze United
  • BU15 Bronze Tigers
  • BU17 Silver Gunners

Update - April 9th - Congrats to all the teams advancing to the next round! 


  • Boys U13 MSL (05) AC Selects – won advancing to next round
  • Boys U15 MSL (03) AC Selects – lost a 4-3 heartbreaker in penalty kicks
  • Boys U15 Div 1 TAAJ FC – lost in a valiant 2-0 game
  • GU15 MSL Velocity won in penalty kicks with a score of 5-4
  • GU18 Div 1 Palmeiras won in a 3-1 victory
  • GU14 MSL Fire lost in a 1-0 verdict 


UPDATE March 6th 2018

Two PMSC Teams have made it to the Coastal B Cup! CONGRATS!!!!! 


  • BU15 TAAJ FC
  • GU18 Palmeiras




UPDATE March 1st 2018

Good luck to our BC Coastal Girls League teams who made it to the League finals and are playing for their League cup this weekend!! 

  • GU17 Div. 1 Palmeiras
  • GU17  Div. 2 Impact  
  • GU16 Div. 2 AC Selects

Also, the following BC Coastal Boys League teams who are also playing in their League finals this weekend

  • BU13 (Bronze) United
  • BU15 TAAJ FC.

UPDATE - Congratulations to our Port Moody teams who won the second round of District Cup games and advanced to the FINAL round:

  • BU13 Gold United (Beating North Coquitlam Blue Devils 2-1)
  • BU17 Silver Gunners ( Beating CMFSC Sparta 3-2)
  • BU15 TAAJ FC (Beating CMF Olympians 10-0)
  • GU16 AC Selects (Beating CMF Aftershock 2-1 in OT)

Congratulations to our Port Moody teams who won the first round of District Cup games and advanced to the second round:

  • GU14 Div 2 Heat   (beating CMF Fury 1-0)
  • BU13 Gold United   (beating CMF Olympiacos 10-0)
  • BU14 Silver Gunners   (beating PCE Impact 2-1)
  • BU15 Gold TAAJF  C (beating CMF Blazers 2-1)
  • BU17 Silver Gunners   (beat CMF Sparta 3-2 in PK)

Good luck to all our teams above as well as the following teams who are just starting District Cup playdowns:

  • GU16 Div 2 AC Selects
  • GU17 Div 2 Impact

Tough luck but a GREAT effort by the following teams who were eliminated from District Cup:

  • GU13 Div 1 Storm
  • BU14 Silver Gunners (eliminated in 2nd round)
  • BU16 Silver United

Our GU18 Div 1 Palmeiras team has automatically won the District Cup title as they were the only team who participated – way to go!

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