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GU12 United end season on high note!

"This photo was taken this past Sunday, minutes after our last game of the season, which was an 8 -0 victory over a Metro Ford team - the girls were elated as you can see ( especially Calli J who scored 4 goals - I gave her the game ball for the picture!

We have had quite the emotionally challenging season, as many of our games were one-sided defeats...most times in the double digits. Since the Christmas break, we played only 4 games due to a few field closures from rain & snow. Our 2018 record was 2 wins, 2 losses (with the losses being only by a few goals).

This past Sunday was a perfect way to end our season, with not only the convincing win but the way the girls played. Even without our starting goalie (Reese who is an incredible keeper) we put together a very strong game and carried most of the play. I was impressed by their passing game, and the aggressive high press which I had them practice before the game.

After the game. I brought the girls together for this photo, and told them all how proud I was, and highlighted many of their strengths and plays from the victory. They were all smiles!" 

Photo & Write Up submitted by Coach Elvio

GU12 United

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