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BU17 B Cup Final vs. SDU United

A game against respected rivals.

For Barcelona, the opponent was perfect.

The game meant more than just being named the ‘B Cup Winner’. SDU edged out Barcelona by 1 point to win the U17 District 5, GOLD.

Unlike prior years, snow conditions caused the District 5 league to drop the usual 1st place vs 2nd place final match which determined the leagues Gold winner; which in this case would have been between SDU and Barcelona. Barcelona confident it could have won, having beaten SDU during regular play. The confidence didn’t come from the win alone, it was how Barcelona won. In that match, Barcelona was behind at half time 3-0. With backs against the wall, Barcelona launched three goals in the second half to end 3-3 at 90. During the penalty shot round, Arman Eklasi, whom replaced Omid Motameni mid way through the second half, blanked the SDU shooters, not allowing any in the back of the net with Barcelona leaving the field with an impressive 5-3 win over SDU.

Barcelona coaches kept the come-from-behind win, tactics used, fresh in the minds of the Barcelona athletes as it prepared for its Final Game.

Barcelona started as intended, striking first approximately 20 min into the first half scored by Ali Sokhanvar assist coming from Macarthy Whyzel. Any thoughts of a fast lead with successive goals was derailed by SDU whom struck back with an equalizer at the 30-minute mark followed by another 2 min later (32 min mark) to take the lead for the first time in the game. Before half time, Barcelona would even the game. Barcelona's Dominic Aidouni, taking a corner kick, played a short pass to Salar Fathi, who found space free of his mark. Salar launched a powerful rising shot toward the mass of athletes in front of the net. SDU's goalie centered perfectly in the mass, jumped to catch the oncoming ball. Before reaching the goalies arms, Ariyan Hakakzargar redirected the ball's flight into the net; tying the game at 2-2. It remained 2-2 at the half.

Barcelona started the game with Arman Eklasi in net for the first half.

Barcelona changed goalies during half time when Omid Motameni took over the net, blanking SDU through the second half, the first overtime half up to 90 seconds remaining in the second overtime half. With 90 seconds remaining in the second overtime half, coaches made a last-minute goal tending change putting Arman Eklasi back behind the net; in time for the penalty shot round.

At the end of the second overtime, 2-2, the game went to penalty shots. The change to Arman, the goaltender whom blanked them in penalty shots in our last match, seemed to be working. Barcelona scored on the first two shots while Arman stopped both SDU shots.

However, stomachs turned and confidence quickly eroded when Barcelona missed its next two attempts and SDU scoring on its fourth. At the end of four rounds Barcelona was up 4-3, Barcelona’s fifth shooter, Suren Hajizadeh, ended any hope for SDU with a goal to make it 5-3.

One of the best moments came after the awards after pictures were ending and just when excitement was dying and things were wrapping up. A family member of Barcelona approached a family member of SDU a request for a group shot. SDU embraced the request and in seconds all coaches and all athletes gathered together arm in arm and the cameras started up again. This moment, was a great moment and marks in a single shot the great experience Barcelona athletes and coaches enjoyed via Coastal Cup.

With both teams off to provincials, this respected rivalry may not be over! 

Way to go boys! The entire club is cheering you on and wishing you all the best during Provincials! Go Port Moody Go!!

Photos and write up submitted by Robert Whyzel


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