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BU14 take 2nd place in Baker Blast

In the Baker Blast tournament in Bellingham June 24/25, our Boys' U14 (04) AC Selects made it to the Championship game after winning their divisional grouping with three straight wins.

In their group stages, they faced two American teams - NC Alliance FC & Tiaxtli - and one Canadian team - CCB.

In the Championship Game, which was a cross over between two top teams of each of the groups, our AC boys ended up playing the Canadian Fraser Valley U14 SPL team.

In a game which the SPL team started off on a high tempo style which caught the AC boys watching a little too much rather than playing their game, lead to a 4 goal lead at the end of the first half. After calming down a bit and coming out strong in the second, the AC boys were able to put a quick goal up on the scoreboard.

The AC boys did turn up their game style for the rest of the 2nd half but unfortunately, the ending came too soon, with a final result of Fraser Valley 4 - Port Moody 1.

End result: The (04) AC Selects took 2nd Place in the Baker Blast Tournament.

Way to go boys!

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