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BCCSL Re-tiering and BC Coastal Cup Info

Hi PMSC U11-U18 Soccer Families,

We've had a few questions re Why there are no Div 1-3 games this weekend (due to re-tiering)?  Why there are no games in the schedule?  And what does a 'cup game' mean?  

So here's a helpful overview:

BCCSL RE-TIERING (to be clear this is a TEAM re-tiering, not PLAYERS within a team)

Members from each of the Lower Mainland soccer districts met on Monday night with the BCCSL League and reviewed the standings of EVERY Div 1-3 team in the BCCSL. The purpose is to consider if any teams are dominating (and should be moved to a more challenging division or grouping), or are struggling (and should be moved to a lower division or grouping with similar teams). The Metro teams are also reviewed, but no changes are made to the Metro teams unless there is a significant performance issue with a team.

The goal is to keep soccer fun for everyone and it is not fun getting thrashed or doing the thrashing week after week. When teams are formed by Clubs in the spring/summer each Club advises BCCSL of the competition level of the team, but sometimes this is guesswork (or wishful thinking) on the part of the Clubs as no one can be familiar with the competition level of all the teams our PMSC teams are versing - and sometimes what one club might consider as the calibre of a Div 2 team, is not the same as what another club might consider being a Div 2 calibre.

So... after 6 weeks of play, the 're-tiering break' gives BCCSL an opportunity to look at rebalancing the divisions to make it more fun for all players and teams. The re-tiering break is Oct 27/28 and so there are no Div 1, Div 2 nor Div 3 league games scheduled for this weekend to allow BCCSL time to reform the divisions and create a schedule. Many districts (including the Tri-Cities District) take advantage of this weekend 'off' to start scheduling their Cup playdowns (see below), so while there may not be a league game, your team may have a cup game, or your coach/manager may have organized a 'friendly' with another team.

Typically a team is not moved to a new division (e.g. Div 1 to Div 2 or Div 3 to Div 2), but rather the teams within a Division are re-balanced. For example, the Boys U14 Div 2 division may have 3 or 4 groupings of teams that have been organized geographically, and so the top teams from these 3 or 4 grouping will be put together into a new group, and so on down the line (taking into consideration travel for the Whistler and Chilliwack teams) until a new set of 3 or 4 groupings have been created. So they are still all Division 2... but more like a Division 2A, 2B, etc. There are close to 2,000 TEAMS in the league so this exercise is a huge amount of work and is not a perfect system.

Once the new groupings are finalized (aka: approved by the Districts), the League Scheduler will create the new schedule through December 9 - the schedules should be ready over the weekend.

In December, the League will look at team placements again prior to creating the schedule for the 'League Championship Series' which will run January through February.


The BC Coastal Cup is a tournament for all U13-U18 teams to decide the coastal region qualifiers for the BC Provincials. This tournament starts in the Spring.

Metro division teams compete in the Coastal A Cup, and all our TCYSA Metro team are automatically entered into the BC Coastal Cup.

Divisional teams (Div 1-3) compete in the Coastal B Cup; however, due to the vast number of teams in the TCYSA District, a ‘playdown’ (single elimination) tournament is held through the fall/winter season to determine which team in each division will represent TCYSA in the BC Coastal Cup. A team who does not win the TCYSA B Cup playdown, but does well through the season, may capture one of the ‘wildcard’ spots and still be invited to represent TCYSA in the BC Coastal Cup. Each of our TCYSA Clubs advises which divisional teams will be participating in the playdown each September. Of note, there are not separate cups for Div 1, Div 2 and Div 3... just one for the gender/age group... so yes, if a Div 3 team wants to represent TCYSA in the BC Coastal Cup, they will need to verse and beat the Div 1/Div 2 teams.

District cup games are organized into a number of elimination rounds/brackets, with deadlines as to when games need to be played for each round. The first series of games are due to start this coming Oct 27/28 weekend (taking advantage of the fact that there are no league games). Depending on the number of teams in the division determines how many series need to be organized - a copy of the elimination rounds (must play by) schedule is attached to this email - and can also be found on the TCYSA Website. To be clear, the dates for each round are 'must play by dates'... so for example, the first series of games for the Boys U18 division says a deadline of January 27, but that first series of games could be played as early as this weekend.

All the schedules for our TCYSA B Cup Playdowns have been entered into GOT Soccer, and so team officials can access their game information through their accounts, or (for the rest of us), please visit the online schedule - CLICK HERE. A link to this site will also be available shortly on our PMSC website under Schedules. OF NOTE: the games have all been scheduled for the 'must play by' date, so if there is no field information, this means that the game has not been scheduled by the home club and the date could change to something earlier.

COACHES/MANAGERS - Game sheets are able to be downloaded for Cup games using GOT SOCCER, however, TCYSA may still require us to use the old forms due to the information needing to be collected on the game sheet. Scores should be reported to the GOT Soccer system (same as you do for games); however, you might also have to send in an email to the District Cup Coordinator (per the current rules). A copy of the cup rules, game sheet, and schedule are available on the TCYSA website - CLICK HERE.

Hope this helps to answer any questions you may have!


PMSC Administrator


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