Port Moody Soccer Club Field Status

  • Field Update | April 28th - All grass fields are CLOSED until further notice!

Field Name Surface Status Last Update
Trasolini Field (PMTC) Turf
Apr 28 @ 10:36AM
North Shore Turf (HWT) Turf
Apr 28 @ 10:36AM
North Shore Grass Grass
Apr 28 @ 10:36AM
Westhill Field Grass
Apr 28 @ 10:36AM
Aspenwood Field Grass
Apr 28 @ 10:35AM
Heritage Mountain Field Grass
Apr 28 @ 10:35AM
Inlet Park Gravel
Apr 28 @ 10:36AM

OPEN: Field is Open for play  |  CLOSED: Training or Games may not be played when field is closed  |  CAUTION: Field is playable, but closure may be imminent  |  CD: Field playable at Coaches Discretion

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  • BU17 B Cup Final vs. SDU United

     Posted on: May 10, 2017

    A game against respected rivals. For Barcelona, the opponent was perfect. The game meant more  ..


    Spring soccer is just around the corner and the Port Moody Soccer League is pleased to be able offer spring soccer opportunities for all our age groups U4 through U18. For more information about the Spring League, please email Shannon.

    Spring League Training Schedule starts April 17th and ends June 18th.

    Cascadia Spring League game schedule - CLICK HERE

    Click here to register!
    Spring League Training Schedule


    Click here for a PDF Download.

    Port Moody Recreation Centre / Trasolini Turf Field (Technical Training)

      Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
    5:00pm - 6:15pm PMSC Euro Pro Academy BU14 / U16 Technical BU13 Technical (Millin) BU13 Technical (Morgan) / BU14 Ceron PMSC Euro Pro Academy 
    6:00pm - 7:15pm PMSC Euro Pro Academy
    U4-U7 Kick Start Academy GU8 / U9 Technical BU8 / U9 Technical PMSC Euro Pro Academy
    7:00pm - 8:15pm PMSC Euro Pro Academy
    GU11 / U12 Technical GU13 / U14 Technical BU11 / U12 Technical / BU16 Sulentic  PMSC Euro Pro Academy

    North Shore Turf Field at Heritage Woods SS (Team practices)

      Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
    5:30pm - 6:30pm GU11 HP - Drazenovic GU8 HP - DiNicolo BU8 HP - Bertoncello  GU12 HP - TBD  GU9 HP - Tang
    5:30pm - 6:30pm GU13 HP - Hendriks BU8 R - Cooper GU12 R - Florian   BU14 HP - Young -
    5:30pm - 6:30pm GU13 HP - Stacey BU8 R - de Schaetzen  BU11R - Whiffin - -
    5:30pm - 6:30pm GU14 HP - Lahti  BU8 HP - Scholte  - - -
    5:30pm - 6:30pm - BU9 R - Johnston  - - -
    5:30pm - 6:30pm - BU9 HP - Devaney - - -
    6:00pm - 7:00pm - - BU10 R - Pruner
    BU8R - Tavassoli  GU8 - Patel
    6:30pm - 7:30pm BU13 HP - Millin  BU9 HP - Shackleton BU13 HP - Morgan  BU16 HP - Brown -
    6:30pm - 7:30pm BU10 HP - Troisi  BU12 R - Pruner BU18 R - Tinaburri - -
    6:30pm - 7:30pm - BU12 HP - Sheriff - - -
    6:30pm - 7:30pm - BU11 HP - Padberg - - -


    • "-" Denotes not available. HP Denotes High Performance - R Denotes Recreational
    • Check BOTH tables to find all scheduled team and technical practices.
    • House teams that have (1) practice per week will practice at North Shore Turf Field and are depicted with the word ‘house’.
    • High performance teams that have (1) team practice and (1) technical practice per week will have their team practice at North Shore Turf Field and their technical practice at Trasolini Turf Field. High performance team practices have been depicted with ‘HP’ to show their team practice time.

    Kick Start Spring Soccer Academy

    Included: 9 sessions – Tuesdays 6:00pm - 7:15pm at Trasolini Turf Field

    Dates: April 18 - June 20

    Players will attend a once per week session focused on skill and agility improvement – and of course FUN!  This session will include fun games and development sessions designed to improve soccer skills and ball confidence as well as ‘scrimmage-based’ learning, all taught by our PMSC Technical staff.

    Kick Start Spring Academy is open to players born in 2010 through 2013. 

    Cost is $100 per player for players who played with the Port Moody Soccer Club during the 2016/2017 season; and $140 for new players.

    Space is limited – register now!

    U8-U18 Spring Soccer

    Included: 9 weeks – April 17 - June 17/18

    The Port Moody Soccer Club is pleased to be a part of the Cascadia Spring Soccer League for our 2017 spring season.

    Costs for the U8-U18 Spring Soccer program are shown below – they are divided into two price groups for house teams (playing Tier 3 or 4 level) and high performance teams (playing Tier 1 or 2 level).  High performance teams will be attending a Technical practice each week in addition to their team practice.  Additionally, a $40 discount has been included for players who played with Port Moody Soccer Club in the 2016/2017 season.

    Costs for Spring Soccer

    The costs for Spring Soccer are the same for each age level U8 through U18, but will slightly differ depending on the tier of play.

    Costs & Details

    Tier 1 & 2 players

    • Cost: $125.00 (returning players from 2016/2017 fall-winter season)
    • Cost: $165.00 (new players)

    Registration Includes:

    • (1) team practice per week (total of 9)
    • (1) Technical practice per week (total of 9)
    • (1) game per week (total of 8*)
    • All referee, league and administrative costs
    • Uniform (new players only)
    • Lotsa fun!

    Tier 3 & 4 players

    • Cost: $75.00 (returning players from 2016/2017 fall-winter season)
    • Cost: $115.00 (new players)

    Registration Includes:

    • (1) practice per week (total of 9)
    • (1) game per week (total of 8*)
    • All referee, league and administrative costs
    • Uniform (new players only)
    • Lotsa fun!
    Tiering Details

    Tier 1:

    • U8 - U12 - Tiered top team or good balanced team
    • U13+ - above average gold / metro teams

    Tier 2:

    • U8 - U12 - 2nd or 3rd tier team or average balanced team
    • U13+ - Lower gold or silver team

    Tier 3:

    • U8 - U12 - Low level development team or good house team
    • U13+ - Bronze or good house team

    Tier 4:

    • Average house team

    The tier structure has been defined by Cascadia and does not necessarily relate (or apply) to the fall season.  We will look at blending ages/levels (as needed) once we see which teams and individual players register.  This will be done in consultation with the PMSC Technical staff, and coordinated by Scott Howey, Cascadia Spring League Technical lead. 

    * Divisions that have an uneven number of teams would have a rotating ‘bye’ that would affect some teams, so there would be (7) games for these affected teams.

    How do I register?

    Registration is in two phases:

    Phase 1: Team Registration with Cascadia League – COACHES ONLY REGISTRATION OPEN NOW – DEADLINE IS MARCH 24

    Coaches will need to contact the PMSC Registrar at registrar@portmoodysoccer.com to advise they would like to coach a team.  The Registrar will forward confirmed coaches the link to register their team directly with Cascadia.  There is NO COST to the coach to register a team (the fee shown will be paid by PMSC).  The Cascadia registration system asks for team name and player information; however, this information will be entered at a later date – at this point Cascadia is only looking for basic information for schedule planning purposes.

    NOTE:  Coaches, if your full fall/winter roster is not returning for Spring Soccer, we will help in finding additional players through the individual registration process.

    If you did not coach in the fall/winter season (or are new to coaching) Spring Soccer is the perfect time to give it a try.  PMSC will support you with training materials.  All coaches must have a valid CRC on file with the Club before they will be permitted to coach – you can apply for this now at no cost.

    Phase 2: Individual Player Registration with Port Moody Soccer Club REGISTRATION OPEN MID MARCH – DEADLINE IS MARCH 28

    To register to play Spring Soccer with Port Moody Soccer Club visit our Registration page.  Registration is open to all players, even if your fall/winter team is not participating in Spring Soccer. 

    Players will be placed on teams in the following priority order (pending space availability):

    1. Players whose fall/winter team is continuing with spring soccer
    2. Returning players whose fall/winter team is not continuing
    3. New players

    Note: the placement of players will also need to take into consideration the skill level of players – i.e. if a team is playing Division 1 (most competitive) with (1) spot available, and there is a Division 4 returning player and a new player capable of playing Div 1, then the spot will go to the new player over the returning player.

    We will do our very best to find a team for everyone that wants to play, but there may be some limitations depending on space/coach availability.

    If any U13 and higher player is still in ‘cup play’, they may not be able to play for another team if their current team is not going to participate in the Cascadia Spring League.  Please talk to your coach and age group coordinator for clarification.

    When/where are games & practices?

    Practices will be organized at one of our turf fields – See schedule above. (Click on the grey box “Spring League Training Schedules”)

    Games for boys will be on Saturdays and for girls will be on Sundays. 

    (4) games will be ‘home’ games played on our Port Moody turf field; and (4) games will be ‘away’ games against another club.  There are over 25 clubs involved in the League and game location will depend on how many teams at each age level and tier within each age level participate.  Schedules will be created by Cascadia, and every effort will be made to minimize travel as best as possible.

    Rosters and Age Groups

    Per BC Soccer and the league sanctioning application, teams are registering in the same age division from the 2016 fall season. So for example a child born in 2004 would play U13. The age groups that slightly differ are 2007 & 2005. These groups may be allowed to play as an “intake” U11 & U13 group – and would play 8v8 and 11v11 respectively. The league will keep true U10 and U12 divisions, if there is enough interest. We suspect most teams will want to play in the new division at these age levels.

    The league’s proposal is that the tier 1 and 2 U13 - U18 groups play 11v11 and that tier 3 and 4 play 8v8.

    One challenge that we have is the timing of rosters and ID cards against your club tryout schedule. We are aware that most divisional rep teams are not selected until April (maybe even May). Rosters and ID cards are required and this is not fluid. Again this is a sanctioning requirement. Teams will need players and ID cards.

    The proposed rules of the league will have all this information. They can be found HERE. It is very important to review these and to figure out how to set up your teams for spring soccer.

    If you have any questions or need more information, please contact registrar@portmoodysoccer.com


    Spring League Cancellations

    There are no refunds for spring soccer

    Reg Waiver - Refund Policy - Spring Season      Reg Waiver - Refund Policy - Spring Season (34 KB)
    Last Updated: 24-Mar-2017 10:29 AM